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Building on a long tradition of applying technology to the field of oral health care development studies, our research site feature's a full complement of equipment and technology as well as a staff of skilled professionals and experienced researchers.



Research Office

  • 3 Examination Operatories

  • Isolated Dispensing Room

  • Imaging Room

  • Sterilization Area

  • Archive & Product Storage

  • Monitor's Office



Areas Of Research

At Silverstone, our examiners have a well established and always evolving portfolio in the oral healthcare industry. Below is a list of the common areas of research performed by our examiners:

  • Gingivitis (MGI, GI, GBI)

  • Plaque (Silness-Löe, Modified Navy Index)

  • Caries (ICDAS)

  • Stain (Lobene)

  • Hypersensitivity (Schiff, VAS)

  • Tooth Whitening

  • Calculus

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Training and Compliance

To run a successful clinical trial the team is at most importance. All staff members have sufficient training and experience in the field of clinical research. Training is documented at Silverstone and staff must follow the site specific Standard Operating Procedures.

Integrated Standard Operating Procedures:

General Administration

Project Management

Data Management

Privacy Practices

Study Start-Up

Subject Management

Quality Assurance

Clinical Practices

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